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Why we?


We offer both Polish and English transcriptions

  • Market research transcriptions (quality research – Focus Group Interviews (FGI), Individual In-Depth Interviews (IDI), discussion groups, mini-groups, expert groups, etc.)
  • Sociological, social and ethnographic interviews, conferences, meetings, trainings, lectures, Dictaphone notes
  • Audio Notes
  • Trainings
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Various types of documents
  • Audiobooks

We also offer Polish-English and English-Polish translations

They trusted us

For many years we have been offering transcription services

whenever there was a need for turning the spoken word into a legible and professionally prepared document.
Years of experience in the transcription services field resulted in a vast amount of completed orders, an ongoing cooperation with many major institutions and building a company that ensures a quality of work that others only promise to deliver.
We telework. You send us your audio or video material and usually after a few hours, or other timeframe agreed upon, we send you back the finished transcription. If the recording is partially inaudible, it will be marked in the transcript with time-codes, which makes it easy to locate it in the recording.

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You can send your files through ftp, a courier or bring them in person.


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