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How to send files even 10 times faster.

To save uploading time please pay attention to the extension of the file. To find the extension of the file look at the last part of its name, those are ususally the last three characters after the dot.

Video cameras, dictaphones and other recording devices often save data in uncompressed formats, which results in the upload taking up to 10 times longer than if it had been a compressed file. Luckily, it is easy to change that for free. All you need is one program.

Below you will find a link to a program for converting the popular WAV audio files. Using this program helps shrink the files to be even a dozen times smaller than MP3 files. It is important to note that the quality of those files will not decrease, because the program only cuts the frequencies that we don’t hear anyway.


Below you will also find a program for converting VOB files (a very popular format used on DVDs) to MP4 or AVI files. The output file is even 5 times smaller and it keeps the same quality. How will it help you? If you wanted to send a 1,5 hour movie with the file being 4,5GB, the uploading could take a day or two. After the compression the movie will take only up to 500MB – 700MB and with our current Internet connection it would take approximately 2-3 hours.


I would like to point out that by ‘compression’ I do not mean putting the files into a ZIP or RAR archive. The file conversion is much more convenient, as you can play the output file without the need for decompressing or keeping it in the archive, which you have to unpack every time you want to use the file. All the files are simply smaller in size and are ready to be used.

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