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To start with, your recording is being evaluated by a special program which is the heart of our company. The program calculates the length of the recording and its labour-consumption together with the deadline, it then assigns the file to the appropriate employee, who will meet the demands. The program is very time saving, because with managing a team of several dozen employees and simultaneously coordinating many projects, it could be challenging to manage the orders.

Next, your file, together with the guidances gets sent to a specific worker. This person is equipped with properly adjusted text editor and a program that helps to manage audio files, insert time-stamps and efficiently navigate the recording.

The transcription process itself, as you may have guessed, relies on listening intently to the recording and writting down what is being heard. It is sometimes necessary to listen to a particular fragment a couple of times in order to understand the spoken word. It is often the case that after having finished the whole transcript, we get back to the incomprehensible fragments and analize them again, based on what we’ve discovered by listening to the whole recording.

Fragments of the recording that are completly incomprehensible are marked with time-stamps following the format (ns – gg:mm:ss), so the client can later on listen to the particular parts of the recording and fill in the missing words. Even with the worst audio files we have never had any complaints from our clients.

Most clients usually want to get a transcript reflecting 100% of what was said on the recording. We can provide a transcription with the level of accuracy the client comes up with. For example, we can make a note, a short report or shorten the recorded statements to the essence of what was said. On the other hand, we can also provide a detailed transcription, marking the accents, interludes, pauses and much more. We are open to suggestions and the needs of our clients.

In order to keep the transcript coherent, one recording is worked on by one transcriptionist.

After the transciption is completed, the work is not over yet. The transcriptionist is obliged to listen to the recording again and make sure that nothing slipped their notice. The checked transcript is sent back to our center and we assign an appropriate proof-reader. The proof-reader checks the recording again. With two people commited to the work and thanks to detailed procedures we were able to eliminate almost all mistakes.

After the file has been checked by the proof-reader, we compare it with the work the transcriptionist completed – we count the characters typed by the transcriptionist, the characters corrected by the proof-reader and we sum up the overall amount of characters in the transcription. In the last stage of the procedure our program sends our client an e-mail with the completed transcript.

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