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To send files to our ftp server you will need FileZilla. It is ftp protocol operating program that can be downloaded free of charge from the following website: http://filezilla-project.org/.

In order to properly prepare the files for transcription and save transfer time, please read the article:
How to send files even 10 times faster.

Despite the number of steps, the whole process is very easy to perform and mostly one-time. We can assure you that uploading your future files will be fast, intuitive and problem-free. The longest process is installing the software itself and entering the server data, but luckily it’s only a one-time process. To download the program please click: “Download FileZilla Client”

You will then be asked to choose the operating system you work on. If you use the popular Windows, please click the large green button which says: “Download Now sourceforge”. If you are using Linux or an Apple computer it’s not a problem, as below you can also find links given for the appropriate FileZilla versions.

The download will start automatically after you click on the green button. The download will take from a few seconds up to a minute, depending on your Internet connection.

When the download is complete, please click the file twice to start the installation.

After accepting the licence agreement and clicking “Next” a few times you will be asked to choose the location where you want the program to be installed on your computer. Click “Next”, unless you want to change the location of the installation. After you confirm the name of the catalogue, the installation will run.

Click “Finish”.

Wait a few seconds…

…congratulations, the program was installed and is ready to be used. To start the program click “Finish”.

You will see the main window.

From the left side please choose the files you wish to send for us to transcribe.

After you select your files you have to show the program where you want them to be sent. We sent you the server details in an e-mail. Copy the server details into the appropriate bar on top of the screen.

Here are the example server details (you will get your own, unique information):
Server: ftp.transkrypcje-krakow.pl
Username: transkrypcje_jkowalski
Password: JKowalski56234

After completing the information, click fast connection.

After it gets connected, you can start transferring the files from your computer to our server. All you have to do is run the mouse over the file you want us to transcribe and holding the left mouse button drag the file from the left side to the right side. The let go of the mouse button and the transfer will start. You can track the progress of the transfer in the window below. The process can take longer, depending on the size of your file and the speed of your Internet connection.

If the upload is successful, a message will appear.

It can happen that because of various reasons the transfer will be stopped. That will result in us getting only a part of your file. If it happens, you don’t have to start the whole process all over again. All you have to do is connect with our server again (without having to re-enter any additional data). Click on the little triangle located on the right and choose the server ftp.transkrypcje-krakow.pl.

You will then see that the file sizes differ. What you have to do is, again, drag the file from the left side to the right side. You will be asked what to do with the file that is already on the server. The best option is to select “resume”, it will then add to the file the parts that failed to transfer the first time.

Please do not disconnect yet. To make sure that you will not have to insert any data in the future, we advise you to add our server to your Favorites (Page Manager). In order to do it you have to click the file in the main menu (top left side) and select “Copy the current connection to Page Manager”.

Enter a name for the connection and click “OK”.

To upload future files all you will have to do is click on the icon that is located in the top left corner of the program and select the correct server.

After you have finished, close the program.

The program was installed and the server details along with your username and password have been saved, so uploading future files with be a piece of cake.

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