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It was my pleasure to cooperate with You. The convinience of the ability to communicate online was significant for me. You gave me polite, exhaustive and fast answers to the questions I asked. You were open-minded with regards to my suggestions concerning the form of the transcripts. You offered that I take a look at the material before closing the deal – you cared that I was fully satisfied with the service. Not a single request of mine was treated like a problem. One of the greatest positive aspects of our cooperation was a very fast turnaround. There is no doubt that this company treats their tasks in a professional manner. I will gladly use your services in the future.

Joanna Szymczak

 I have been using Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka Transkrypcje services since last year. I have enjoyed the cooperation. Łęgowik – Śliwka Transkrypcje services is fast and accurate with the transcripts they prepared for me. Contacting the company is fast and pleasant. I highly recommend Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka Transkrypcje services as a reliable business partner.

dr Kamila Biały, Instytut Socjologii, Uniwersytet Łódzki

 I started my cooperation with Mrs Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka while I was working on analizing the research material I collected. I only ordered a transcription of the material I had already recorded. The transcriptions were ready so fast and prepared so accurately, that I decided to go for it will all of my recordings, which wasn’t an east task, as the quality of the recordings was pretty poor. I was very impressed with such a professional and efficient work because I experienced in person just how difficult the venture was while I tried to prepare the draft versions of the transcripts. Mrs Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka took up the challenge, though, and completed it professionally and diligently. All of my requests and remarks were taken into consideration, as we pondered on various possibilities concerning the standards. Mrs Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka responded in a reliable, scrupulous and flexible manner, she was calm and cultural. The range of my order went far beyong the standard offer presented in the price list, but it was completed with the highest standard, despite many technical problems. I recommend the company with great pleasure and conviction, because I am pleased with the quality of services, with the fast turnaround and the fact that I could negotiate. Mrs Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka is a highly cultured person, which made our cooperation very satisfactory.

Beata Bochnia

 I am very pleased with my cooperation with „Joanna Łęgowik-Śliwka Transkrypcje” company. Several dozen long interviews were dealt with incredibly fast and the transcripts were exceptionally accurate. Since then I have recommended this company to other researchers, because with their help you can smoothly proceed to data analysis, instead of sweating over the transcription process yourself for weeks or months on end.

Małgorzata Zielińska, Uniwersytet Gdański

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